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Tools Selector Guide

The purpose of this is to familiarize Investors and Traders with the range of powerful tools out there that can greatly assist you in making money in the markets.

These tools comprise of:

There are many thousands of products out there in the marketplace today - some good, and some, well not so good. The centre will also focus on assisting you with the sometimes arduous process of selecting from these tools and purchasing the correct set of products to meet your particular needs.

To achieve this, the following pages will step you through an analysis process to determine exactly what your Investing/Trading style is. Using that information, we will suggest a set of compatible tools to match your needs.

Important Note: This site does not provide any specific financial advice in regards to any specific Investor. Whether you are looking at investing for the short, mid or long-term, the stocks that you purchase will depend on your individual circumstances. As no two people are alike, share portfolios should be tailored to an individual's needs. Your investment plan will depend on several factors: your age, income level, the need for liquid assets, attitude to risk taking and taxation situation. All of these factors should be considered when you formulate your investment plan. For additional subject material in relation to assisting you in developing your personal plan, we suggest you visit excellent sites such as that provided by Charles Schwab.

Also, in the following pages, for brevities sake, we collectively use the term Trader to cover both Investors and Traders.

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