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Paritech Support - FAQ’s - Pulse

Getting Started
When you log on to Paritech's secure site you will be asked to input your username and password. These details were allocated to you by Paritech when your account was initially opened. (If you do not have a valid username ad password, please contact Paritech).

Working With Market Information Displays
The first time you open the application the screen arrangement is comprised of three frames. The horizontal frame is labeled "Watchlist" (item 1) , the bottom left frame is labeled "Depth" (item 2) and the bottom right hand frame "Sales" (item 3). In this example we have also included "Headlines" (item 4).

Once you have set your windows and are happy with the desktop. You can save this desktop view by selecting the Save desktop button top right hand corner. Unlimited number of desktops are permitted.

We are now able to add securities to our Watchlist by typing in the securities of your choice and enter, or even display Market Depth and/or Sales for any security of our choice. Once you have included the securities you wish to monitor, we can then save this combination of displays (that is, Watchlist, Market Depth and Sales) as a desktop.

Right Click functions allow you to set the columns you prefer, add portfolio columns within a watch list, or tailor the window view to suit individual preferences.

Opening New Windows
Opening a new window can be done in one of two ways:

1. Choose any menu item from one of the desktop menus i.e. Prices or News and Research. All windows that open from these menus can be docked anywhere on the desktop. See below for instructions.

2. Right click inside an existing open window then select New from the menu, then the window service you would like to open.

Docking Inner Windows
The Automated Docking function is an advanced yet easy to use feature of PULSE. Inner Windows can be displayed floating or docked in various configurations. The docking process is intuitive. You simply drag a window to the desired location, then drop the window at the docking site or in another window. While dragging, a grey rectangle shows the location that the window will have when released. To enable docking select 'Windows' and 'Docking Enabled'

Watch Lists are used to create and display regularly monitored stocks and options. You can use Watch Lists in the following ways:
• To group Australian Equities, Options, and Indices in one watch screen
• To set up several Watch Lists, based on individual or multiple portfolios
• To view trades as they occur, from any Watch List
• To measure the Performance of particular stocks including portfolio controls % and $ gain or loss in real time.

Market Depth Display
Depth is the term given to the ASX price feed which details all the Bids (buyers) and Asks (sellers) in the market for a given security. The Market Depth display comprises of summary information about the individual security as well as specific information about each bid and ask for that security.
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