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Pulse - Connection Trouble Shooting

Testing if Insight is accepting connections on port 5110.

Pulse, the Graphic User Interface (GUI) talks to Insight, a local service that connects to Paritech's Pulse servers.

In this test you will determine if, via Telnet you can communicate with the Insight service running on your computer.

Depending on which Operating System (OS) you have, you should follow the instructions for that OS.

Windows 2000, XP (Home & Pro), Vista and Windows 7

If you have Windows 2000, you telnet screen will look like this:

If you have Windows XP, it looks like this:


This could indicate that your connection is being blocked by a firewall or proxy server. Please consult your firewall / proxy manual or contact your Network Administrator.

Check to see if anything is using Insight's local port number

This following test is used to see if Insight is waiting for a connection from the Pulse GUI


  *Windows '98 & ME - COMMAND

  *Windows 2000, XP, Vista & Win7 - CMD

  *Windows '98 & ME
   Type in this command "NETSTAT -NA | MORE" and press enter

  *Windows 2000, XP, Vista & Win7

           Type in this command "NETSTAT -NA | FINDSTR 5110" and press enter

| This a vertical line found on your keyboard, it is normally found just near the Enter key, you may also see it as a broken line

Firewall issue

In all instances it is advised that you have the following ports open and clear for outbound traffic:

Port 443

Port 5103

The following 2 sets of IPs are used by Pulse

Primary Site (as per below) (port 443) (port 5103) (port 80) (port 80)

Secondary Site (fall back in case primary is not online) (port 443) (port 5103)

Pulse does not need access to any other IP addresses.

Some further background info that may assist you:

Pulse.exe talks to an application called InsClient.exe (which runs on the same computer as Pulse) which actually communicates with our servers.  An icon appears at the bottom of the computer on right hand side (with other notification taskbar icons) when InsClient.exe is running.

Pulse.exe talks to InsClient.exe on port 5110.
InsClient.exe talks to our servers on port 5103 or 443.

If Pulse.exe does not connect please attempt the following steps below:

1) Make sure you are running the latest version of Pulse, if not latest Click Here

2) Make sure no instances of Pulse.exe or InsClient.exe are running on the machine.

3) Try running. If still does not work then go to c:\ProgramData\Paritech\InSight\Data folder and delete the all files in the data folder

4) Try running Pulse again.  If still does not work then ...

5) Repeat steps (1) and (2) then go to Start>Paritech>Pulse>Pulse Utilities and run "Pulse Reset" and select "Reset All".

6) Try running.  If still does not work then ...

7) Email Paritech Support ( the log files from within the following locations:

For Windows Vista, Win7 and Win8 user

C:\ProgramData\Paritech\Insight folder

C:\Users\ (yourname) \ AppData\Roaming\Paritech\Pulse\Log folder

For Windows XP, Windows XP Pro user

C:\Documents and Settings\ (yourname) \ ApplicationData\Paritech\Pulse\Log folder

C:\Documents and Settings\ AllUsers\ ApplicationData\Paritech\Insight folder

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